Positive health outcomes are possible in holistic healthcare environments where diverse systems like hospitals, clinical care and research, health technologies, health financing systems, health advocacy and activism, alternative and complementary medicine and psychosocial healing come together to deliver seamless health experiences. Health ecologies support smooth interactions between health systems towards improving the collective health of communities.

At CHET, we aim to integrate health ecologies with digital health to achieve a positive impact on health and well-being for our communities. We research and evaluate digital tools and technologies that empower patient communities. Our technologists and other digital health experts harness the power of digital to achieve strong, positive connections between patient communities, doctors and healthcare providers, medical researchers and other healthcare specialists. Digital connections in healthcare enable accessible, quality medical and health information thereby improving collective health behaviors and outcomes.

CHET’s goal is to facilitate access to digital health technologies that strengthen the autonomy and participatory rights of patient communities and enable the person to be at the centre of their healthcare planning, treatment and wellbeing. We endeavour to democratize access to information for disadvantaged groups through use of technology and empower these communities make informed choices in healthcare.

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