Dr. Vijay Chandru


Dr. Namitha A. Kumar

Research Director

The Centre for Health Ecologies and Technology (CHET) founded in 2009 is an interdisciplinary centre of the International Institute for Art, Culture and Democracy. Health ecologies bring together a web of interacting health systems like medical care, practitioners, hospitals and teaching institutes, healthcare providers, healthcare financers, health informatics and technologies, ancillary health services, alternate and complementary systems and psychosocial healing. At CHET, we believe that health outcomes for our communities can be improved if the diverse elements of health systems synergize and sync together. As healthcare advances are constantly upgraded and empowered by newer technologies, we harness the power of digital media and tools to enable informed choices.

The key areas of research and practice at CHET include:

Our goal is to humanize healthcare and democratize healthcare policy and practices in India. Rich insights from our collaborative and participative research with key stakeholders facilitate co-design of inclusive healthcare policies. Our health humanities specialists closely work with clinicians, patient communities and caregivers to facilitate better communication and meaningful connections towards empowering patients and caregivers. Our bioethicists and instructional design team work closely with healthcare practitioners, educators and patient communities in co-designing and implementing CMEs that inform and sensitize doctors and other healthcare providers. We create insightful research-based, empathetic and creative integrated healthcare communications for government agencies, private sector and not-for profits in the health and healthcare sector. We design and implement informative and easy-to-comprehend health literacy material in print and digital media for health literacy programs, campaign and events. We collaborate with patient advocacy groups, government agencies, CSR teams of healthcare- related companies, foundations, poets, writers, visual and performing artists, animators, designers, filmmakers to help generate awareness of autism and rare/neglected diseases.