MHBI focuses on humanizing healthcare and bringing patients to the forefront. MHBI's Blue Ribbon platform provides clinical updates, shares medico-legal and ethical concerns and centralizes the voices of patients, families and caregivers. This unique platform in collaboration with ARDA also enables creative opportunities for film-makers, artists and rare disease communities to participate and generate awareness on rare diseases.


ARDA’s goal is to generate awareness of Autism and other rare/neglected diseases/disorders through its workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and art camps. ARDA in collaboration with MHBI facilitated the first Blue Ribbon Film Festival and Art Exhibition in 2016 to generate awareness of rare diseases and autism. In 2017, ARDA in collaboration with NGMA Bengaluru facilitated the first therapeutic Blue Ribbon Art Camp for rare disease patients and families. In 2010, ARDA team at IIACD collaborated with Autism Society of India and organised WAAD 2010 events which included an exhibition of paintings and poetry by people with Autism.


Our Public Health Research, Policy and Practice team closely monitors national and state policies relating to health, genetics and rare diseases. We engage in policy analysis and policy development for evolving robust healthcare for rare and orphan diseases.

Blue Ribbon Rare Disease Platform

The Blue Ribbon platform is a space to provide clinical updates, share medico-legal and ethical concerns and centralize the voices of patients, families and caregivers. The Blue Ribbon platform also provides creative space for sharing films and art on rare diseases.

Other Rare Disease News & Events

CHET takes an inclusive approach to all rare diseases and believes that every rare disease must be given equal importance to strategize best health care and practices. We participate in rare disease events to advocate for the cause and raise public awareness.

CHET Rare Disease Communications

CHET engages in producing high-quality communications in health care, health policy, rare diseases, human-interest stories and related topics. Health communications is especially important in India where there is a low level of public health awareness and practically no awareness of rare or orphan diseases. This is where CHET adds value by bringing out technical articles and human stories addressing the gap in rare disease communications.

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Rare Disease Documentaries and Films

The human brain is hardwired to think in stories rather than dry facts and figures. Stories engage our emotions and enable deeper memory patterns. CHET brings out human interest stories of people and families living with rare diseases through vibrant documentaries and films. We encourage our audience to make a deeper connection with the “human” element of illness experiences through our list of curated films and documentaries.