Interactive Plan of Lepakshi Veerabhadraswamy Temple Natyamandapa Ceiling Paintings

Ceiling Plan of Natyamandapa Murals

Lepakshi Ceiling Map

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Vijayanagara and post Vijayanagara Murals: A digital heritage project

Centre for Cultural Heritage and Tourism Studies, IIACD

Supported by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

  • Principal Investigators: Prof. Vijay Chandru, Prof. Nalini K Rao
  • Project Team:
      • Murals Photography: Vinod Raja
      • Senior Research Associates: Balaji Srinivasan, Gandhi Balasubramanian
      • Art Historical Research & Annotations: Vijayashree C S
      • Narratives: Balaji Srinivasan, Vijayashree C S
      • Design & Curation: Uma V Chandru (Project Coordinator)
      • Technical Team: Vishwanatha V, Deepak Rathod

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Natyamandapa Ceiling Murals
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Veerabhadraswamy temple